Regarding the Diversity of Mexican Plants

Corcoran Pittman Residency Exhibition

La Fabrica Aurora, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Seven triptychs using crayon on my handmade paper, along with one single-page drawing, comprise my exhibition. During my residency I was in and around San Miguel for one month, and I spent much of every day drawing plants. I had brought three colors of my handmade paper to Mexico and determined to create triptychs using all three paper colors in each, as a way to recognize the vivid, alive color quality of the people and the city. El Parco Juarez—within San Miguel, and El Charco del Ingenio—the expansive botanical garden outside the city—were my most compelling haunts. When drawing, which always for me involves a long period of uninterrupted time with quiet focus, I can learn about, empathize with, and naturally internalize the subject. Drawing these plants was my way of making first contact with an exotic country I had never before visited.


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