Navigating Below the Surface

Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey

Two installations comprise this solo exhibition, along with additional works on the same theme. The installation “Below the Surface” of 60 streaming poured, pulp painted pieces in one gallery is the largest I have done to date. These works are installed in linear rows, mimicking the way that cave stalactites drip from ceiling to floor. It is an overwhelming feeling to be physically engulfed by sculptural works created entirely in nature; I select out aspects of that full immersion to make some of the visual sensation accessible through my work. The wall installation “Frasassi” is here divided between two long, facing walls. The fragments of pulp-painted, handmade paper are suspended in totemic format to acknowledge the insistence sensed in a closed cave chamber filled with form, texture, sound, and pattern. This exhibition gave me the opportunity to take over several galleries to address the brilliant but unsettling places that the mind can perceive when in an unfamiliar ambience.


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