This Really is my Thing:

Sculpted Books by Lynn Sures

The Gordon Parks Gallery, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN


   As articulated in the title, this exhibition features the non-traditional book forms of multi-media artist Lynn Sures (Colesville,MD). The artist enjoys the meticulous hand-carved printed image, the traditional accordion or Coptic binding as well as encaustic paint, grommets, clay tablets and work at the anvil. From wood-block printed/ pulp-painted accordion books made of abaca and hemp to vertically suspended multi-leafed cast paper editions and forged steel covers, this show includes a survey of book related works executed over the last fourteen years of the artist’s career.

   Reflecting on her inspiration, Sures has said, “My subject matter often focuses on the visceral recollections associated with a place or an experience. I conjure narratives of a site and investigate the inexactitudes of memory.”

  Regarding the show, gallery director Erica Rasmussen has said, “It is an honor to show the work of this prolific and innovative East coast artist. In this exhibit her books take center stage; not acting as traditional receptacles of knowledge, but rather as tangible objects in which to explore human existence within the natural world.”

Hungry (photo M. Gulezian)
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