Common Descent

"...In HaberSpace, CENTRAL BOOKING’s gallery for art and science exhibitions, is Common Descent, an examination of evolutionary possibility and probability, curated by Maddy Rosenberg. / Press release

From the pure scientific viewpoint, we have evolved. Though we equate the word with a positive growth, sometimes change is not for the better, or rather, whether or not the change is an improvement is irrelevant. We adapt. And the species that adapt the best continue to evolve. With all the years of investigations into remains uncovered and studies of the complex to the simple and the simple leading back to the complex, these artists tangle with what it means to have evolved in all its varied outcomes.

…Lynn Sures follows the notes in work linking the early hominids to our creative present…

In conjunction with the exhibitions, we present our popular panel and discussion series... Art & Evolution...promises to be a lively give and take between artists and scientists. / Art and Evolution Panel / Scientific American online article written by Yasmin Tayag and Brent Wells

The catalog of Common Descent is part of May’s issue of CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine, now available."



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