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• 500 Handmade Books: volume 2

Author Julie Chen chose my artist’s book Toscana for this collection. This book is a narrative in images without words. I drew many sites in Tuscany and chose 6 of these drawings; I made paper and carved linoleum blocks to evoke what I had learned in creating the drawings. I printed the linocuts on monoprints which signaled the most memorable colors in each scene. The heavy, pulp-painted handmade paper cover broadcasts the color character of Tuscany.

Lark Books, Sterling Publishing Co.,NY



• Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper and Encaustic

Authentic Visual Voices is a survey of international artists whose work explores the diversity of paper combined with the unique properties of encaustic wax in collage, photography, printmaking, sculptural paper and artists books.” I am one of the interviewed artists, and the book takes a careful look at many encaustic pieces I’ve created. The book “features 28 artists who in their own voices discuss their artwork with artist/author Catherine Nash. Nash conducts in-the-studio video interviews which focus on where creative inspiration comes from and how artists synthesize experience, emotions and concerns into their work.” Quotes are from the AVV website.




• Paper Art/261 International Artists several of Sures’ paperworks included in this book published by IAPMA, Bremen, GERMANY 


• DVD of 11 Pulp Painting Symposium Artists, San Antonio, TX

I took part in a historic gathering of artists who work in the technique of pulp painting. The demonstrations given by each artist were documented by videographer James Sanders. The link shows you the demo I gave on pulp pouring, one of many techniques I use in my practice. The Pulp Painting Symposium at Southwest School in San Antonio, TX was a major exchange of technical information and inspiration for the artists gathered. Many of us have continued exhibiting work together as the paper artist group “Pulparazzi.”


• 1000 Artists’ Books: EXPLORING the BOOK as ART

Sures’ artist books Seven Hours in a Cave and Elusive are featured in this book by Sandra Salamony with Peter and Donna Thomas, Quarry Books, Beverly, MA











• The Papermaker’s Studio Guide, DVD by Helen Hiebert, based on her book The Papermaker’s Companion



• Atencion San Miguel, “Washington DC to San Miguel de Allende: Art and Poetry in the 21st century” MEXICO, July 20



• Handmade Books Lark Books, VARIATIONS... featured,Sterling Publishing Co., New York






• Cumhuriyet national newspaper, TURKEY, May 27



• Denver Post photo of book Toscana in “Paper Narratives opens a new page” by Kyle MacMillan, 8/14/09

• Paper Art/173 International Artists several of Sures’ paperworks included in this book published by IAPMA, Bremen, GERMANY



• 500 Handmade Books works selected by Steve Miller, VARIATIONS... is featured, Lark Books, Sterling Publishing Co.,NY






• Roberto Stelluti and Fabriano Paper documentary film on Fabriano native Stelluti and highlighting my contemporary papermaking, by the Museum System of Ancona, ITALY

• Hand Papermaking; Summer “Frasassi” photo and Sures’ techniques for pulp painting featured in “Beater Finesse for the Artist” by Catherine Nash, also limited edition published by Ms. Nash including samples of the artists’ papers



• Artists' Books Reviews, "VARIATIONS on the Dialectic between Mingus and Pithecanthropus erectus" review by Jeanne Drewes

• Hand Papermaking Autumn 06 “White Sands #12” photo featured in review of “Plane and Form” by Karen Searle in the 20th Anniversary Issue



• Fiberarts magazine features VARIATIONS on the Dialectic between Mingus and Pithecanthropus erectus, created with writer Rick Potts, described and pictured in the article “An Art Form Learns to Fly” by Debra Riley Parr, summer issue.

• Book Arts Classified features VARIATIONS... on the cover and in an article by Tom Bannister, published by Page Two, Washington, DC, summer



• The Penland Book of Handmade Books If I Had Nine Lives and Water-Wheel Book featured in color; Lark Books, Sterling Publishing Co., New York










• Art in America “Particolari” exhibition at Gallery K, photo & review by Joe Shannon, Feb.



• American Craft Magazine April/May in “Galleries” text & photo of “Water Wheel Book

• Atlanta Journal Constitution photo of book “If I Had Nine Lives” in the article “Exhibit Presents Books as Art”, review by Catherine Fox, Jan.11



• Hand Papermaking Summer “White Sands #14” featured in the 15th-anniversary issue







• Fiberberarts magazine Mar/Apr. “Profile: Lynn Sures” photo of “Panel Four” & text by James Mahoney



• Humanity’s Descent: the Consequences of Ecological Instability,“It’s Homo erectus, it’s you” by Rick Potts (frontispiece), William Morrow, NY

• Hand Papermaking Summer Cover (“Lucy”), “An Interview with Lynn Sures” by editor Michael Durgin










• Fiberarts Design Book IV Lark Books, Asheville, NC. Nancy Orban, Editor

• “Art Strokes: Lynn Sures” video presentation, A.& E. Evry, Blue Cow Productions, MD

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