ceramic sculpture


Ceramic pageMore cave imagery! Enamored of ceramic sculpture, having learned from generous colleagues at the Corcoran, having made some large works, I had the opportunity for a residency at Baltimore Clayworks. It proved one of the most valuable professional experiences of my career. I seized every moment to use the resources available. I worked on several pieces at a time. I learned to do my own bisque firing, deepening my understanding of the structure of my work. Regarding a surface treatment, my personal esthetic and concept made it undesirable to use a ceramic glaze, but an oxide wash might bring about what existed in my imagination. I ended up a game participant in the 20-hour wood-firing process. After spending so much time in the creation of the works, I realized I had not internalized how deeply the final wood firings would affect the outcome. Thanks to Jim Dugan, who knows the wood kiln so well, for his expertise. I created a large body of work, always reaching past my level of understanding and taking the risks that keep me curious to continue working. It opened a new road for me to follow professionally, a natural extension of the geologically-based sculptural paper and encaustic pieces I had already been constructing. Now I continue making large scale sculptural works in my own studio.