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All the artist’s books are made with my own handmade paper, often pulp-painted, and include prints I’ve drawn and carved, watermarks I’ve drawn and fabricated for papermaking, or images I’ve painted. Artist’s books give me the opportunity to create not only an object but a narrative, experienced as time elapses perceptibly.



This work speaks for us humans temporarily inhabiting the earth—our fragile balance of life. The work Hungry alludes to the physiology of Hunger, calling out to us that we are alive. Hunger persists. It is like the beat of the heart, insistent, measurable as a life sign, manifesting spikes that ebb and flow.







7 Hours in a Cave

The seven pages each represent an hour's time spent staring into a partially-lit cave. The accordion structure is manipulable, thus the sculptural book can take on multiple configurations. These follow the flexible visual designs the brain constructs when gazing intently for such a time into rare and magnetic spaces.




More than any other, this book stems questions about existence as much as from fascination with the strange or unfamiliar interior places within the earth and within the human mind.




VARIATIONS on the Dialectic between Mingus and Pithecanthropus erectus

Based on Charles Mingus’s musical work, “Pithecanthropus erectus,” images and words weave the music’s story together with the factual tale of the discovery of early hominid Pithecanthropus erectus. In the symbolism of Mingus, Pithecanthropus erectus represents the accomplishments but also the tragic self-satisfaction of the dominant hominid. View the entire book here!

White Sands

This is a narrative of one-day on a site within a gypsum desert in New Mexico. Here, one is enveloped by vast, hovering dunes and persistently rhythmic ridges of sand. Pure white, the sands reflect the course of the sun in evolutionary color, beginning at first light and changing until the end of day moves beyond the mountains.


This panorama of scenes is carved from studies I drew on site in rural Tuscany. An olive tree seen from close range, a farm house and tile-roofed church, open into vinyards and sunflower fields, to a full tree-covered hillside. The colors reflect the pure hues seen everywhere in this countryside: blue sky, terra cotta roof, silver-green leaves, dusty orange earth, yellow-gold fields.

Water-Wheel Book

Hands-on interaction is the best way to experience this piece, as the water wheel turns the words that speak about the important machine come to the forefront.


If I had Nine Lives

Here is a chance to indulge the many fascinations within one’s own life, imagining that each could dominate the fray in a separate existence. Happily, it is possible to lead many parallel lives in this selfsame life if one has the desire and the stamina.





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