Pulparazzi: Painting With Paper

Jamestown Art Center, Jamestown, RI

July 12 through August 17, 2019       

Curator: Joan Hall

The Pulparazzi collective was formed in 2010 in San Antonio and has, since then, exhibited and demonstrated together regularly. Our latest exhibition features pulp paintings and installations by John Babcock, Shannon Brock, Joan Hall, Anne McKeown, Michelle Samour, Peter Sowiski, Lynn Sures, and Beck Whitehead. I showed installations of two recent series of embossed pulp painted works: Montserrat and Portraits of the Anthropocene. Montserrat features interpretations of the iconic mountain in Catalonia, painted in Italy from drawings I made in Spain; the Portraits are paintings of early human skulls, bones, and tools, painted in the US from drawings I made in Washington, DC and in Kenya.

Artist Statement: PDF